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Isla Gemstone Heart Hoop Earrings - all birthstones

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These hoops are one of a kind - no two gemstones are alike - they are completely unique, just like you.

These are birthstone hearts, pick your birthstone or just your favorite stone!  Each is outlined in gold fill along the sides.

January - Garnet - Protection

February - Amethyst - Wisdom

April - Quartz - Serenity

May - Emerald - Hope

July - Ruby - Vitality

August - Peridot - Beauty

September - Lapis - Truth

October - Pink Opal - Hope

November - Citrine - Joy

December - Turquoise - Friendship

We also have a black onyx heart - and black onyx is known for protection.

Measurement: gold hoops are 24mm (1") in diameter, Heart is 17mm (5/8").  They are lightweight, bold and cheery.