HSX Sport Unisex Waist Band
HSX Sport Unisex Waist Band
HSX Sport Unisex Waist Band
HSX Sport Unisex Waist Band
HSX Sport Unisex Waist Band

HSX Sport Unisex Waist Band

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The HSX Sport unisex waist band has the following strategically placed pockets to carry all your small personal items safely and discreetly while leading your active lifestyle. 

- Front 8" water resistant zippered pocket with opening for headphones
- Front size 3" zippered stash pocket
- Back 8" zippered pocket

SIZE CHART for HSX noted below:
Size   Men's      Women's
A        23 - 30        0 - 8
B       32 - 38      10 - 16 
C       40 - 44      18 - 22 
D       46 - +        24 +

Made with 90% micropoly and 10% lycra moisture wicking fabric, our HSX sport unisex waist band holds your small personal items comfortably around your waist. The water resistant front pocket protects your phone from sweat while you focus on living life hands free and being in the moment. 

Where our customers LOVE wearing their HSX Sport unisex waist band: 
The gym, running, hiking, biking, cross-fit, and any other sport/physical activity.  

Our Philosophy at hipS-sister: 
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