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hipS-sister's AmbaS-sister Program

You are the reason we get up every morning and do what we do! Without you, there simply is no hipS-sister. Thus, it only makes sense that we'd create a program to show our gratitude for the trust you place in us, in providing you with product solutions that help create your 'hands free life'. 

Our philosophy and mission is to touch as many lives as possible. We want to see YOU live your best life. "Live Life Hands Free" is our tagline and it's meaning goes much deeper than its literal sense. Yes, we have products that will physically let you explore the world hands free while carrying your small personal items discreetly and fashionably. BUT, we are also here to provide you with amazing connections to other women who, like us, embrace the 'hands free' life. Women who want to better themselves, share their gifts and free themselves of their limitations, whatever those may be.

You can sign up below!
-XO- Sonia & Sara