About Us

hipS-sister Inc was born from an idea Sonia Kanner, a single mom of 3 beautiful children, had one day while on a hike. She created a solution to a problem she had. She and her friends needed a place to hold their car keys and phones but without pockets, their options were to hold them in their hands, to carry their purses or alternatively, wear a fanny pack. None of those appealed to her. Sonia managed to provide the world with an alternative, the hipS-sister waist band, which is not only very functional, but also fashionable and flattering.  

hipS-sister's mission:

Our tagline is "Live Life Hands Free" and we truly mean it when we say it. But it isn't just about having a product that holds small personal items discreetly, comfortably and fashionably. It's about freeing yourself from all things that hold you back from living your best life. It's about letting go of the past and living in the now. It's about finding the courage to love yourself as you are and the will to push yourself outside your comfort zone to discover your true purpose.  

  Sonia shares a little bit about our culture!

“I get up every morning and cannot wait to log on to facebook and read all the messages that have been posted since I last logged on. Inspiration and support breed inspiration and support. It’s almost addictive. It’s overwhelming at times. But I’ll take that over anything!

I wake up at 5am to start my day. That’s unlike the old me who enjoyed sleeping in. Now I enjoy working. In fact, I love it.

A group of wonderful women and a few brave men have come together to join me on this journey. They have been fundamental in creating the culture that is behind the hipS-sister brand".

As a the Founder & CEO, Sonia tries to bring positivity in all things she does and creates. She is guided by the company's mission, which is also her own mission: live life hands free!