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hipS-sister's 2013 swimwear cover-ups are on clearance.

SwimS-sister is a must have for any woman who needs a place to store a few dollars, keys, a hotel room key etc, while enjoying the suns rays in her bathing suit. It offers convenience, style and comfort around the pool. at a BBQ or resort. It's a fashionable and very functional addition to your summer wardrobe. Slide it on over your bathing suit and Live Life Hands Free.

The Roll Over has the front zippered pocket as well as the front secret slash pocket, but it also has a back hidden zippered pocket under the fold. It is a very sleek and sexy piece.

****Sisters get your phones out of your bras!! In all seriousness, we recommend that when your phone is carried close to your body (hipS-sister or not), it should be in "airplane mode" or turned off. We do not know with 100% certainty what the effects of cell phone use are on the body. Let's be safe, our bodies are precious. Get into the habit. Let bring awareness to all our mothers, sisters and daughters.