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  1. What is a hipSsister?

    Sonia Kanner created the company hipS-sister based upon the concept of the dreaded fanny pack. Sonia strived to create an alternative option that is fashionable, functional, and flattering.  It’s really a modern day waist pack.

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  2. Where does the name hipS-sister come from?

    The name derives from the product that sits on the “hips” and was designed for the active woman or “sister”

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  3. What is the proper way to wear the hipSsister?

    Step into it and wear it low on the hips and with the top loading phone pocket to the right front and front zipper pocket on the left hip, center zipper pocket towards the back.  The hipS-sister “girl” logo will be in the back right side.

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  4. How do the sizes work?

    The best way to describe sizing is that it correlates to your pant size. For example, if you wear size 10 pants you should order a “Size B” hipS-sister.  This can also be found on our website and at “checkout”.

    hipS-sister Size Chart

    Standard Size

    Pants Size

    hipS-sister Size


    6X – 10 girls

    Lil Sis -Z


    0 – 8



    10 - 16



    18 - 22



    Our HSX sizes are just a bit different

    Woman’s Pant Size

    Men’s Pant Size

    HSX Size













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  5. How many colors are there?

    There is a rainbow of colors to choose from. Our web store will have a full selection of the available colors and styles.  We also have some reversible styles to choose from that will give you two great colors in one hipS-sister.  If you wanted a specific color we can custom make a hipS-sister for you with our unique dye sublimation process.

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  6. Will it hold my iphone 6 Plus or Galaxy 5?

    Yes, the hipS-sister will accommodate most phones.  If you have a large case or charging device attached to a large phone it may be a snug fit. Email for a link to an instructional video or visit our YouTube site.

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  7. Is there a version for a Male?

    Yes, we have a product line that is focused on the “hip Misters”.  It is called HSX and is available on our web store.

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  8. Can I wash my hipSsister?

    Certainly!  We recommend cold water and air dry.

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  9. How can I get a custom hipSsister with a picture or design on it?

    Visit our web store. And view our selection of pre made custom hipS-sisters or upload your own graphic, color or picture.

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  10. Where is hipSsister manufactured?

    hipSsister is manufactured in China. Demand grew and it exceeded our domestic production capability. We have found with this change a better quality product that is now up to par with our standards.

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