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Why I created "The Sisterhood Marketplace".

A little history....

Back in 2011 the idea of "hipS-sister" was born. It took months of creating samples, patterns, getting trademarks etc. In February, 2012 I had my very first living breathing sample. It was a left coast. This process took approximately 4-5 months. Took a picture, posted it on Facebook and boom, I knew I had a "winner". That is where the real work began...

A deal which was an exclusive infomercial set to air in 95 countries, I was presented with, back in June 2012 (I hadn’t even sold one hipS-sister yet) had me contemplating my direction for most of the summer 2012. I continued to do events for MTV Movie Awards and Fashion Shows (which let me to HSN) during that time. I ended upturning the deal down, and decided that building my brand was much more important. That is where the real REAL work began.

I had zero business experience, really. I created a website, attended events, started producing, selling and getting the “brand” out there. Many lessons I learned in this time frame. Mostly about the importance of “building a brand”. And what THAT means. I was on my own, selling, organizing, planning, stressing, crying, “what the heck am I doing”. Distributing, laughing, smiling, SRESSED. People bought the product and started asking me if they could sell it because women wanted what they were wearing. Where can I buy one of those? And from there my Brand AmbaS-sister program was created!!

In December 2012, a little desperate and guided by some invisible force I texted my (now COO) Kathleen (who I really only knew from Facebook and mutual friends 20 years ago) and wrote “HELP”. She called me right back.

We met in January and decided it was time to “build a company” around the product. And we joined forces. I could get into the specifics, and I will at some point, but that was the SINGLE BEST DECISION that I have made to date in this entire process. That is where the real real REAL work began………

AND this is where the Sisterhood Marketplace steps in. This is the exact point in which I needed help. Well, because I have been there, I have decided that it is important to offer this to people who are in similar situations as I was, back in December 2012, when I said “HELP”! I knew that needed it.

What I needed was support, direction, a team, a vision, a plan and people who I could trust. Well, I have all of that now. And this is why “The Sisterhood Marketplace” was created. And this is where the real real real REAL work begins. Xox.

Sonia Kanner

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