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Ready....set....hike!! What's on the horizon football fans..............

My passion is sports. More specifically football. And, that means, I am one happy camper. My "teams" are USC and the San Diego Chargers. I am not a fair-weather fan. I will be rooting both teams on, as I do every year. BUT, this year there is some added excitement for me. When I originally came up with this product one of the very first uses I felt for it would be to wear it to sporting events. Many times, along with other female sports fans I found myself bringing my purse to a game. Biggest problem with that is STADIUM SEATS. How many times have I jumped up to cheer for something and my chair seat lifts up and my purse falls through....right to the ground which brings me two the second problem. THE GROUND. Filthy, peanuts, beer, soda....I could go on and on. Never a good place for a purse to be. So naturally, a band of fabric in which women could hold the essentials (which is all we really need for a game anyway) and whaaaala, solution to the problem.
So what is on the horizon? A line of hipS-sister products called sportS-sister geared towards the female football fan. Reversible team colors for every team and every sport. And, a deal with a major sports licensing company in which our products will sport team names and logos. No more unflattering jerseys, sisters. Wear your team spirit around your hips. With a function to make it even better.
I will be traveling around the country to bring sportS-sister directly to YOU, the female fans. Stay tuned. I will be posting my upcoming travel here and if I make it to your hometown I would love it if you could join me. I will be giving out a certain amount of product, as well. All in an effort to show you that you as a sports fan will LOVE this product. So, with all of that's to an amazing football season sisters. And who knows, maybe a superbowl sportS-sister limited edition is on the horizon as well.......this is going to be awesome!!

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