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WE LOVE OUR MILITARY FAMILIES at a CAMO sister today and support our troops!

Sisters, one of the very first hipS-sisters that I ever made, back in 2012 was the camo print. I have been wearing it ever since....and with just about everything in my closet. Whether it's a black dress, white jeans, my favorite jean shorts, black leather, and my variety of workout gear, this camo goes with IT ALL. I even wore it to the season opener Charger Game this year, because as you are I am sure aware, the stadiums will not allow you to bring a purse. My hipS-sister WAS PERFECT for the game....A BIG BONUS, it happened to be Military Appreciation Night and I wore the camo with pride.

Sister's For A Cause is a division of our company that gives back to our communities. It is my belief and my passion  that as soon as you create a product, you should think about ways of giving back to the community. I believe strongly that it is an honor to have a small business, and it should never be taken for granted. If you work hard,  have integrity, the right team and the guts, you can live the "American Dream".

The Camo Print is a Sister's For a Cause product. Every day, all year long we donate $10.00 from each  camo sister sold on our webstore ( to The Wounded Warrior Foundation. We believe that it is an honor to not only support our military families by wearing this product, but we value donating to their families  because they have done so much to protect our freedom. 

So, check out this amazing camo print on Show your support 1011031_621899611191149_1292906260_n1514236_621899571191153_754715682_n1546395_621899521191158_1716370557_n5875_621898924524551_1325006666_n1531736_621898054524638_2001793003_n1491585_621898167857960_657031419_n1606874_621898021191308_1154149940_n1526512_621897971191313_2131310577_n1503316_621897947857982_1120924611_n1557477_621897894524654_724722481_n1545194_621899671191143_1208028560_n1527058_621899954524448_79055207_n1518122_621899761191134_1192031731_n1148935_621899861191124_1660829506_n1150952_621899914524452_1576454361_n1527087_621899997857777_1037234288_n1521965_622327121148398_691656014_n1459682_669024109812032_6594510567865883710_n1901181_639580146089762_151393454_n1525493_625718280809282_481050974_n5636_625750530806057_992763998_n72845_625581730822937_1764854488_n1551658_624177140963396_646559796_n1551640_624176167630160_1720651664_n1512752_623341177713659_2044918146_n1525176_623444021036708_1204449530_n1527123_622269814487462_856186110_n1554545_620084301372680_393294220_nwhile you are living your life hands free.......and hands on. 


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