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Two zippered top loading pocket "Left Coast" hip band is the Original hipS-sister design

One of the very first Left Coast hipS-sisters that I made, back in early 2012 was this beauty. Early on, cross-branding with other companies and causes became a passion of mine and the idea has really taken off. Since 2012, we have done custom hipS-sisters for causes, companies, country clubs, resorts and spas and our list keeps growing.  The Left Coast design IS a hipS-sister. Not just a hip band, not a ....well anything else people come up with. It is a hipS-sister. From my head, to a piece of paper, to a pattern, to my first sample back in early 2012. It was affectionately named "Left Coast" and the rest is history. (If it doesn't say hipS-sister, it is NOT a hipS-sister, sisters) hipS-sister is patent pending.10460850_10204156270135095_4760984739827557432_o

2 thoughts on “Two zippered top loading pocket "Left Coast" hip band is the Original hipS-sister design ”

  • Jennifer Riley

    I see these all over the internet- amazon etc. What makes yours different from the 3-4 other guys doing this? I see they all have 2 zipper pockets and a phone pocket. Do you have better materials or a money back return policy? I see one company has a ton of colors and another company i saw on a retail site has really large pockets- much larger than hipster..

    • Sara Nolet

      Thank you for your comment on our page.
      First, hipS-sister is the original waist band with zippered pockets and secret phone/iPod pocket. You can join us on our Facebook fanpage ( where you can meet Sonia, our Founder and CEO. She has been sharing her journey from the very beginnings of conception.
      Second, we strive to use high quality materials and we are always innovating and adding new colors, patterns, and styles for our growing customer base who simply love living life hands free. Regarding the large pockets, we do have our Global and Park City styles, which can be found under the "travel" section of our webstore. These offer larger pockets than our popular Left Coast.
      Lastly, our return policy is on our website ( We offer fantastic customer service and believe in going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
      we wish you a wonderful Monday of the long weekend!

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