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There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the...


The beginning, now that is a perfect place to start. It's been almost a year since my first sample of a hipSsister was made. March, 2012 to be exact. From the idea to creating it, to the people and experiences that I have encountered since, could be a 400 page book alone. Going from a single mom with three kids, to a CEO of a company, can someone just say "what the heck?".

How I have always seen myself? Not as a business owner, not at all. But, I find myself here NOW......and feel so blessed. Growing up I've been told, like everyone else what I am good at, what I am "not so good at". The loudest voice was always my own. Where those messages came from don't matter now Not anymore. Because when life gives you an opportunity, you need to grab hold of it. When life gives you the opportunity, you need to go deep and challenge your beliefs about yourself that hold you back and have held you back in the past.

I  will begin my blogging at "the beginning", which is today........

What Moves Me.......My blog will focus on just that. Music, books, travel, being a mom. These four pieces of the pie which are, in other words "my life" are what keep me going, challenge me, help me grow, lift my spirits, bring tears to my eyes, touch my heart and soul.  From here I will begin.

Sonia Kanner-CEO Sister

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