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The Impossible is Nothing

You know I was just thinking, being part of a starter company is sorta like taking a long hike up a very immense, massive, gargantuan mountain. Last Sunday, my friend Sonia and I hiked The Cross trail in Palm Desert. She happens to be the CEO of a starter company hipS-sister that I work for. Normally, our conversations are now over the phone since I moved to Palm Springs to work in the fulfillment center but we took the opportunity when she was in town doing hipS-sister events/magazine interviews/investor meetings for a morning hike. So, last Sunday our conversation took place up a very steep incline, like a pilgrimage, to the cross that stood proudly on top of this beautiful Palm Desert mountain.


Our 695 foot climb was accompanied by lots of brain storming about work and love, of course, our two favorite subjects. We searched for the heart rocks Sonia said would appear on the side of the hilltop for a while. Finally, we asked a very nice group of people if they had seen the heart rocks on this hike. They looked perplexed and Sonia explained that no, indeed there were heart rocks on this mountain. Funny enough, we soon heard the group of people exclaim, "We found them! The heart rocks. . .they are right there," as they pointed. We still could not see these darn rocks. They walked us back 20 feet until yes, we could finally see them as well. So, we got excited and took some more pictures :)

So, what do you need for a successful hike? Some good shoes and water? Of course! But that is not all. What really gets you through the tough parts of the mountain? You know, when the incline is rocky and seems to take a toll on your energy, when there is no plateau in sight? Bringing a good friend along helps the journey. Brainstorming is lovely. Communication is the key. Connection moves the soul. When you are entering a rocky territory and there is no plateau in sight, the journey seems just that much easier with someone by your side since your mind is not focused on the pain but focuses on the realm of imagination. We learn to walk and talk at about the same time in our human lives and I think there is a reason for that!

Trust the journey. When you are in the trenches of a starter company, it seems the responsibilities are insurmountable. Thank God for the many people who come together to work. . .teamwork! Divide and conquer. Bringing many heads to the table to solve problems really benefits the whole. Sharing responsibilities and knowing that everyone's goal is ultimately the same gives us confidence to trust each other as well as creates the motivation necessary to begin working on individual tasks.

Remember, no pain, no gain. Breathe through it and it will all be okay. There are growing pains in anything worth growing!

Know thyself. It is important to gauge what your particular body can handle and at what pace you can climb. Breathe. Sometimes you have to just push through the pain. It feels so good when you push yourself to that boundary and come out the other side. However, how important is it to know your limits, conserving your energy, making a list and prioritizing can definitely help. Making it simple. . .one foot at a time! What is your goal on this day? Are there any stumbling blocks? I learned from a very wise man that if something is irritating to you, usually you carry in seed formation that which is bothersome. Look inside and question, what is the problem and does it have something to do with me? If it does, face it and move on. Face it and your fears and then let them go. They may be there to teach a lesson or they may be a stumbling block. If it is nothing but a stumbling block, then get rid of it. I think seriously, it is time to take ourselves a lot less seriously. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

"I get by with a little help from my friends," is not only a good Beatles song but the absolute truth! Catch someone doing something amazing and give them credit for it. Random acts of kindness go a long way. So does random acts of encouragement and positive feedback. I believe in this life we are called to build each other up, knowing that in the energy that I give forth will come back in its likeness. It is energy, we are energy, and that is how it all works.


Work hard. Love harder. At least that is what Sonia likes to say and I do agree with her. Love yourself enough to know that you're going to have your good days and bad. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and don't get discouraged when it seems nothing you do is right. That feeling will pass. We are all human and there is something to learn every step of the way. If you allow the message and the meaning to penetrate, then the rest will just fall into place. Work on yourself first and foremost. You are no better or worse, you are you and that is the beauty of it. Or moreover, that is the beauty of you!!! We are all unique and bring gifts to the table. Let yours be seen and shine. That is all. Then, look around and see what everyone else brings to the table and be grateful. We are all working toward the same goal, even when we have differences of opinion sometimes. We can learn from our differences and grow, not only as a company but as a human being. What a gift that is!!! What a ride. And when you get to the top of the mountain, give yourself time to absorb the view and just breathe. . .Ah! We have arrived :)

PS. . .don't forget to pray along the way. . .!

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