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The Great Black Snakeskin hipS-sister Giveaway

Sisters.....if you have been following my Facebook posts you will notice that 75% of the time I am wearing my Black Snakeskin Vegas Reversible. I LOVE THIS THING!! Whether I am working out at the gym, on a hike, out to dinner, shopping, working away.... this hipS-sister adds spunk and sassiness to ANY outfit, anywhere. Most times I will add a zipper pull for even more style. Check out these pictures which show you just a sampling of some of the looks that you can pull off with this ONE HOT HIPSSISTER.

Check out our Facebook page later on today for "The Great Black Snakeskin Giveaway". I want to share the snakeskin love with a few lucky winners today.

xoxo, Sonia10155613_663311753716601_2602957577008799390_n1237635_657238280990615_433181752_n1505559_656830954364681_1022383095_n1511202_654502611264182_1448927727_n1977103_653609491353494_970792341_n1977020_653558928025217_687337948_n1097949_653025818078528_1397671680_n1891069_651201078261002_813885687_n1926630_649884245059352_579162667_n1962849_640803705967406_825483123_n1779864_630353553679088_40514459_n1619600_629998447047932_350265025_n1012559_629900687057708_187895095_n1620366_629081937139583_1780187754_n1527065_625737387474038_1560521927_n

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