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That place you go to be who you truly are. . .!

So the other day my husband said that his sisters were coming to town. Oh, great. . .when? Tomorrow, he replied. Some might think this is a lack of communication of two people leading very busy lives with 3 kiBeFunky_null_1.jpg (2)ds and 2 puppies but I knew it was just a matter of the quality of our relationship. Everything has always been spontaneous between us, leaving all of the important details to work themselves out unplanned. And I must confess that I am not uneasy about this quality between us since I like living my life in an unpredictable way. It adds a hue of excitement and freedom. I never wanted to be ordinary!




The only thing we all agreed on that we should do is have a family adventure. How about the sky tram? Could be fun and picturesque but such a typical tourist thing to do in Palm Springs. No, something a little more off the beaten track. So we went for a drive. The desert mountains are so inspiring, I thought to myself. They surround us here in the desert, holding us like babies cradled in God's arms. Warming and embracing, the sun's rays are held until day breaks when the gentle winds allow for some relief. What is that over there, my Sister-in-law says as we stumble upon one deep valley of palm trees that seemed oddly placed among the desert sand. Let's go see what it is. . .



Hiking could be the best thing for a family to do together. We were away from everything that distracts us like our cell phones, the computer, Facebook! Well, at least the computer and Facebook! My oldest daughter prefers the shopping malls to the unexpected sights of animals that might pop up unexpectedly along desert trails and I could see the uneasy look on her face when she realized that we were going to actually get out of the car and hike the wilderness. A part of me was happy that she was able to conquer her fears surrounded by people who loved her and supported her. Each step she took symbolically represented for me what life is really about. Facing our fears and overcoming self imposed obstacles to explore the adventure of being alive. No one really knows what lies behind the next step of our journey here on this earth, but with the people who love you by your side, anything is possible. Jasmine is growing up to be a young lady I am so proud to know. We moved out to Palm Springs in the middle of her Middle School life where she had to leave behind friends that she knew and grew up with to a school of 1,500 new kids. She is bright andartistic and lovely so this made it easier for her to meet new people. She loves her Computer Science class as well as Language Arts and anything where her creative mind can express itself. Doesn't matter what she picks up, a camera, a paint brush, a sketch pad, everything she touches becomes beautiful. And her dream is to be a fashion designer. Her teacher commented how impressed he was with her that she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up and how to achieve those goals. My Jasmine flower. . .she is truly blossoming!



Then, there is my daughter Monique. She happened to not leave her cell phone behind and everyone turned as her alarm went off, "Gummy bear, gummy bear, gummy gummy gummy bear!" She grabs the phone and holds it in her hands while she closes her eyes. Then, her big smile suggested that she was very happy with what she just imagined. I questioned her behavior, and she said, "Mom, I have an alarm that goes off at 11:11 every day so I can make a wish!" Wow! An extremely intelligent young lady who believes in miracles just warms my heart. She can speak Chinese, loves science and her new found talent among many is the cup song that she performs with ease. Every time I find her with her phone in her hand locked in her room, I question what in the world she is doing that she can't look up from her screen for a second, and she informs me that she is reading about One Direction on Wattpad. Reading? How could I be upset about that!!!



My son Isaiah was really at home on the hike with his adventurous spirit. Nothing scares this dude. When he was flying to Kentucky with his dad and the plane went through turbulence, he turned to his father to laugh. . .did you feel that Dad? Ha! He laughs in the face of sudden doom. He is quite the gentleman as well. Everywhere he goes, he brings me a flower. . .today it was a desert flower that he found along our hiking path. Then, he turns to me and says, "Mom, you wanna see my beautifulness?" Yeah, I smiled. Then he rips a sticker off of the left side of his chest and exclaims, "It's my heart!" Yes, it is Isaiah. . .yes it is :) And all of his good qualities make up for the fact that he is constantly keeping his dad and me on our toes. . .at school, in public, well, just about anywhere he thinks he can get away with something. The funny thing is too that he is the first to tell on himself. . ."Mom, you are really gonna be mad at me. . ." His famous last words.



After a long and adventurous day and fun filled night, we arrived back home and pulled into the driveway. A song came on the radio that brought us all back to a moment in time. It was an old school jam. I think for the adults, it was like going back to that time period in our lives and reliving some memories. . .but to the kids it was more about just feeling the vibe of a really good beat. My husband parks the car and instead of turning it off, cranks the music up loud instead. And that is the moment I will remember the most about our weekend family visit --all of us dancing in the driveway!


Yep, we are the Wynn's and that's how we roll ;)

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