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Sister of the Month - November

Sister, Misters,

We're excited as we've wanted to post this for weeks...

We've been working diligently on making improvements to our website, including our Blog. Though there is still more work to be done, the Blog updates are complete and now we can get back to our favorite post of the month - SISTER OF THE MONTH.


For November, we would like to shine the light on Jana Hinojosa.

Jana discovered hipS-sister working at Andalusia as store manager. This is where she ordered her first pieces through a sales rep, Diana, last November.  She experienced how her customers loved our product and just a few months later joined our team as a sales rep.  She now shares hipS-sister products with potential retail customers across the Coachella Valley and is managing several wholesale accounts. She has become a wonderful asset to the sales team.  Her contributions are helping hipS-sister grow and for that, we are grateful.  A dedicated wife and mother, she is socially active in her community and even makes time for a little tennis. She wears her hipS-sister wherever she goes to spread the hipS-sister word and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Thank you Jana for giving us your dedication and being a fantastic part of the sales team. Congratulations :)

Your sisters,
S, S, J, K, K

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