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Sister of the Month - JUNE

Sister of the Month - June


hipS-sister is more than a brand, it's a sisterhood. We have a wonderful community of beautiful women who support and care for each other. It comes to no surprise then that we would highlight one of our sisters every month.

This month, for our very first Sister of the Month, we want to talk about Brand AmbaS-sister Stephanie Filakosky.


Stephanie has been a force to reckon with since day one. She is always part of the discussion; giving ideas, feedback and updates. She has accumulated a large following with her facebook page FitFannyPack where she offers her followers great advice on healthy living, fitness and motivation. Offering hipS-sister to her followers has proven to be a perfect fit. They have, and continue to respond to our brand with great enthusiasm. Stephanie has already increased our Brand AmbaS-sister team by adding new members not only in the US but in Canada as well.

Stephanie, we love your vigor and passion and appreciate you very much. We are thankful you chose hipS-sister and look forward to celebrating many more of your exciting milestones with the company.

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