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Sister of the month - February

Sister of the Month – February


Yet another month has gone by. We are already on the 2nd month of the year. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year. This month our “Sister of the Month” is actually our very own Mister – Brock Halter. Congrats Brock!

Brock has shown a strong will to succeed and to spread the word not only through direct sales but also through retail sales. He has not only stepped into a woman’s world, but has also survived it for almost as long as we’ve had a BA program. He has shown a willingness to help his fellow sisters by often posting sales/promotions on items that he thinks could be of use to the rest of the team. He also provides fun ideas for banners and facebook posts. His dedication to family is beautiful. The love he has for his children is undeniable and shines through in almost all of his post on social media. It’s wonderful to see a father take great pride in his family.

We are grateful to have you on our team. We appreciate the level of dedication you’ve put into growing your hipS-sister direct sales/retail business!

Congratulations again on being Mister of the Month.

Your sisters,

S, S, T, K, J

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