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Sister of the Month - December

It’s Monday, December 2nd and the “Sister of the Month” torch continues to make its rounds.


For December, we are proud to announce that Marci Lotter is our Sister of the month.

Marci has been with us for a few months now and has quickly proven to be a dedicated, professional and motivated addition to our team. She has been booking event after event after event, sometimes doing 2 different events on the same day! Like this isn’t enough, she also volunteers her time at soup kitchens and other community events in her area. She embodies the hipS-sister “Pay it Forward” philosophy in a way that is inspiring to all of us. I’ve had the chance to speak with Marci on several occasions and have enjoyed getting to know her on a more personal level. Her outlook on life is positive and has helped me look for the silver lining where I may have not been looking otherwise. Thanks Marci!

Marci, keep up the hard work. Trust that nothing you do goes unnoticed. We truly appreciate all you do and the level of effort that you put into it.

Congratulations on being Sister of the Month.

Your sisters,

S, S, K, J

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