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Sister of the month - April

Time flies! It's April already. The good news is that Spring is here. It won't be long for the trees to bud and the grass to turn green (for some of us who've been graced with snow for the past several months).

It's April fools today, but the 1st of every month is NO JOKE as it's time to pass the torch onto our newest sister of the month. images1UWI8BQ3

Helene Lean, congratulations on being Sister of the Month for April. You have shown much dedication to hipS-sister since you have joined the sisterhood. You are always so kind and supportive to all your friends and facebook followers. You embody what it means to be part of the sisterhood and we cannot tell you how we appreciate this trait in you. I have personally had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with you several times and look forward to many more conversations as we continue working together on this journey.

Thank you Helene for the time and effort you have given and continue to give. We wish you success and happiness in all things. We also must add that Zumba looks great on you :) Keep it up!

Your Sisters,
S, S, T, J, K

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