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Safety first...................

So, I park my car last night in a parking garage in Del Mar. (For those of you who don't know, Del Mar is a pretty nice part of San Diego). There is a police officer there filing a report. A woman had her purse stolen from the front seat of her car. The police says to me, "whatever you do, do not ever leave your purse in your car." "Well," I say,"I am the last person who would because I never carry a purse." He looks at me perplexed, what woman never carries a purse he must be thinking. I take the opportunity to show him my hipS-sister and I say, "it's because of this band of fabric, which has changed my life." :) Aside from the convenience that the hipS-sister provides, don't forget about it's value regarding keeping your personal essentials SAFE. Especially, when traveling or doing anything in which you are vulnerable to theft. For this reason, this is a great gift item for your daughters and your mothers, as well. When my daughter (who is 14) uses her hipS-sister, I have to say, it gives me peace of mind to know that someone isn't seeing that purse around her arm knowing that it would be too easy to steal. My grandmother (who is 85) uses hers now when she shops for the same reason, safety and security. Have a beautiful day sisters, living life hands (and care) free. xoxo, Sonia

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