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Our hipS-sister Facebook Page....all about the "Sisterhood"

1479494_321103888030532_2015474720_n“Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.”

― Nellie L. McClung
I woke up this morning feeling excited. Why? Because it is Monday. Monday means our weekly staff meeting in which we get to come together and plan for our week ahead. This group of amazing people who I am honored to call my "team". A start up company is no joke. Seems like an impossible task at times........BUT it is not.

What drives me EVERY DAY are the connections both within my company AND with ALL OF YOU. Which, to me, is the most meaningful aspect of having a business. There is an exchange, a product and some form of communication. Those of you who follow us on our Facebook Page, well, there is even more than that purchase1509916_236726006513086_1738831755_n. You have now joined our SISTERHOOD. What does that mean? Everything that you would want to have in THAT relationship. Friendship, sharing, investment, supporting, nurturing....I could go on. This page is a chance for YOU to shine. So many of you have sent in pictures using your hipS-sisters, retailers have sent in their pictures of their displays....AND WE LOVE IT ALL. A SISTERHOOD is a two way street, and we value every single one of you. Together, we ARE stronger and brighter....just by simply connecting with one another. So thank you again for being a part of this journey. Once you "liked" our page, you became our sister. So, welcome to the family and have a beautiful day, sisters....xoxo, Sonia13571_321105864697001_1682561836_n1470342_323563631117891_1008851163_n

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