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October - Sister of the Month

We’ve been busy busy the past few months and weren’t diligent in acknowledging how hard and dedicated our Brand AmbaS-sisters have been.

Each and every one of you have been working with purpose and determination the past few months. We feel blessed to have you all onboard, we thank you and look forward to growing with you.

Stars banne blog

For October, we are proud to announce that Stephanie Ceesay is the Sister of the month.

Stephanie has taken her role as an AmbaS-sister seriously but all the while having fun and engaging her followers. Slow and steady wins the race! Stephanie found a pace that works for her and has managed to consequently increase her team to nearly 10 beautiful women. She is always willing to offer a helping hand to her fellow sisters. This is a trait that we truly love about her as it embodies what it means to be an AmbaS-sister. She is positive and looks to uplift the spirits of those around her. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious!

Stephanie, we hope to have you in the sisterhood for years to come. You help us keep going every day and put a smile on our faces. Don’t change. You are wonderful!!

Congratulations on being Sister of the Month.

Your sisters,

S, S, K, J

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