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My life without a purse..........

It has now been over a year and a half since I created my very first hipS-sister. It was the black left coast. I created it for hiking, walking and running and quickly evolved into a lifestyle product. By that I mean, I never really go anywhere now without one on. Living life hands free I am now spoiled. Life truly is so much easier. With everything I need easily accessible, I do not miss the days that I constantly had to worry about where my purse was, carrying it, setting it down in bathrooms and restaurants. I can honestly say my hipS-sisters (plural, because how can a girl just have one) have changed my life. And with the NFL banning purses from games, hipS-sister is the solution. New color reversible team color combinations will be available on in September.....just in time for football season. So, join the sisterhood of women who are now living life hands free.

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