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It's "just business" or is it?............................

549805_137639333075147_921936455_n600410_552313211455701_556210347_n There are those who believe that the term "it's just business" applies to circumstances in which one's true character can somehow be separated in this area of "life". I believe that who a person is "in business" is the same as who they are in every area of his or her life. This "get out of jail free card" doesn't fly, in my humble opinion. The universal laws apply to business equally as in all other areas. That is why I believe that it is critical to know who we are and what we stand for.

Stay true to yourself, be honest. Success without integrity is not true success. It is only when you walk your path in the truth, you will truly be successful. Who you are is who you are. Make sure the world knows what your strongest beliefs are, and then shine them out for all to see. From the beginning of time respect has come to those who have earned it. And some battles are won without even an effort on your part. For the world sees the truth in all things.......and that my friends is the law of cause and effect. And that fact alone gives me tremendous inner peace. Lessons come in many forms. See every situation as a lesson. When you know who you are, that strength of your character will give you what you need to handle whatever it is that happens. That is why your character is is the constant in this life filled with change.( Only some things that I have learned with this business so far, and this is only the beginning. ) Thank you to the sweet soul who had me read Ecclesiastes (outloud ) the other morning.......I think I got the message. Have a beautiful day, xoxo, Sonia4085649677_5ecd409d5c


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