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It was a rainy day, but a great day!

I woke up Thursday and looked outside the bedroom window only to notice a grey sky and a few droplets of rain landing on the grass below (which was green about a month ago, and is now looking more and more yellowish-brown with every passing minute). I'm not going to lie, at that particular moment, I wasn’t too excited to start my day. Going back to bed seemed like a better option than going to work. I certainly did not know the opportunity I was going to have when I got home from the office! After yet another day of multi-tasking and trying to be everywhere at once, I came home. The drive was made nicer by the Mumford & Son's Babel CD playing in the background to accompany my beautifully out of tune voice. The rain, of course, joined in and showed no sign of stopping, until, 5 minutes into the drive, it did! I'd love to say the sun came out and the birds were singing but that didn't happen. It was about 5:30 and the sun sets not much later than 6 these days. Anyway, I got home to a house bustling with activity. The kids were attempting to do their homework and Alex was slicing and dicing some veggies in preparation for dinner. Not 2 minutes after I was safely in the house, the rain decided to come back with a vengeance. Gigantic drops hitting the roof and anything else in its path, including one of the neighbourhood dog owners who just happened to be walking her puppy on the sidewalk next to our house. She had clearly underestimated Mother Nature (but who has never done that before?). "Sucks to be her" I thought to myself which prompted me to really think about the situation (all the while, the rain is coming down on her and her little friend). Thankfully my brain was working at lightning speed, and I hurried out to the garage where we keep our umbrellas and ran it out to her (nearly across the street by this point). The look of utter shock and gratitude she gave me was priceless and in that split second, it had made my day. I took my PIF bracelet off my wrist and gave it to her, without much explanation other than "once you've dried up, you should log on to the website on the back of the bracelet, might be something you want to take part in".

I came back home wet, but happy...

Our hipS-sister PIF bracelets are in print and should be ready in less than a month.

Sara Nolet - hipS-sister Canada

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