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Inside the Petals of a Lotus Flower

Over the years, our friendship has blossomed

So many things we have done

Meditating at SRF

Lying out in the sunlotus (1)

Traveling to Hawaii

Building a company




Countless relationships and both of us three kids later. . .

One thing has remained constant

Our friendship forever and ever

So much for us to overcome

God must have known what He had done

That day the two of us met at San Dieguito HS

After our paths crossed

I knew we were to never part

My Soul Sister from the start

When things got too tough to bear

In our teens, in our marriages

You were there

Sometimes you just need that person

When you have come undone


Even when the words do not come

Listening with the heart

Never judging, always protecting

Seeing beyond the murky parts


And with you by my side, there is nothing we cannot do

For inside me there is a piece of you

Our friendship has survived the test of time

It is a plan of the Divine

And like the lotus flower

Emerging out of the mud

Of life, obstacles, suffering

Opening petals towards the sun

She is the radiant one!

Shining herself in all her glory

To tell her beautiful story

She is untouched, pure, perfect

Awakened from the delusion of life

To the truth of who she really is, was, and always will be

For all of eternity. . .

Beautiful, BeaUtiful Spirit!


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