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Inch by Inch

I love the movie "Any Given Sunday". Al Pacino gives an amazing speech about getting to the end zone "inch by inch". I think this applies when you are building a brand. It's the daily progress that counts. Every INCH. Is it stressful? Heck , yes. I recently picked up a book "Buddhism for Mothers". Fascinating read. Many many words in this book I found helpful for my role as a mother and an entrepreneur. Those of you that know me know that my role as a mother comes first. It is a balancing act indeed. My children have had to be understanding. I have had to work on my patience. Which brings me back to the book. It is not so much patience that I have been seeking but what buddhism calls being in a state of "equinimity" . Finally, a word to help me explain what it is I was seeking. The state of equinimity is a state in which you are not overly excited, nor overly sad based upon external circumstances. With both my role as a mother and entrepreneur I am tested daily. Being in a state of equinimity makes it easier to show up and deal with whatever comes my way, I have found. I am a work in progress but I like to share things that I learn if I feel it will help others. My blog will be very real, very honest and because I cannot predict the future, unpredictable as well......Hope you join me on this journey of a lifetime. I promise it will not be boring. :)

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