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hipS-sister~ Since 2012, we have been offering our customers plenty of syles to suit their needs.Bigger phone? We've got you covered.

So, sisters are flocking to our retail partners across the country and beyond, as well as our webstore to purchase hipS-sisters more now than ever before. It looks like many of us read Oprah Magazine. We are so thankful that there are more of you who now know who we are. In case you didn't know, since our inception in early 2012 we have always had multiple styles available to accommodate your needs. Products that hold larger phones, passports, cameras, wallets, make-up, ipods, you children's stuff , energy bars, items needed for allergies and safety. Here is a list of our most popular products that we sell.
LEFT COAST- 5" band. 2, 5 inch zippered pockets, one top loading pocket.
GLOBAL- 7" band 2, 6 inch zippered pockets, one top loading pocket (this style is recommended for larger phones, and/or phones with covers). Larger pockets mean more storage space.
PARK CITY- 7" band 3, 6 inch zippered pockets, (2 vertical in the front)one top loading pocket. THE MOST STORAGE SPACE and can accommodate larger phones.
VEGAS and SOHO- dressing up the fanny pack . Bold patterns and cool fabrics, like snakeskin and denim, make these collections perfect for shopping, a night on the town, a concert, or just about any time you want to dress it up a bit.
Sublimation- Our latest and greatest creation. Beautiful images on our product like sunsets, flowers, beautiful places take our product line to the next level.
CUSTOMIZATION- we work with companies, brands to provide product with custom logos designs to suit your needs.
SPARKLEWe love our bling and that's not going away anytime soon.
HSX- Unisex line is here. And retailers are getting ready.

SPORTS-SISTER Team color hipS-sister's (Left Coast style) for the female sportS fan
We are the REAL DEAL and WE have only just begun.

So, as you can see, we have a hipS-sister for any occasion, for any outing, for any reason, you want to live your life hands free.

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