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hipS-sister is a lucky Brand!

hipS-sister is a lucky brand!


Our very own hipS-sister Brand has not only grown and evolved over the past 7 months, she’s also made her way to the tops of mountains and to breathtaking beachsides.

I’ve been lucky to be on this adventure and I can’t lie, I’ve been living vicariously through her. I love travelling and seeing new places. I’m planning on seeing as much of our beautiful planet as I can. To me, every new tree or flower I see has its own story. I am always amazed at the beauty held in nature’s hand. It never disappoints me and in a way, makes me feel grounded, thankful and at peace.  With that said, I can only imagine how out of this world hipS-sister’s trip to South America was. Just look at the view from the top of that mountain. It’s absolutely breath-taking!!!


I wonder how long it took to get to the top? I was just in Banff about a month ago and took a hike up Sulphur Mountain in Canada with my hipS-sister of course. It was exhausting but felt great. OK, halfway up, I didn’t feel all the enthusiastic anymore, but thankfully Alex didn’t let me stop and the payoff once at the top was indescribable (feel free to click on the picture below to learn a bit more about Sulphur Mountain). Life is made up of so many moments. It’s nuts when you sit down and think about how many different emotions you can go through in 2 hours, in 1 hour or even in 10 minutes.  view on Sulphur

I can tell you that just about now, as I look outside my rainy window, I could totally go for “relaxing by the water” with a tall glass of orange/guava and ice. A great book, some suntan lotion, a summer hat (don’t have one yet, but am on the lookout for the perfect one!) and a SwimS-sister to carry my hotel room key and a few singles to tip my waiters. YES… I could definitely go for that........


And there goes another hipS-sister daydream….


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