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Don't forget to write.........

With well intentions I was going to kick off my blog months ago, well life gets busy right? Excuses set in right? No more excuses. It has been an amazing summer. We have traveled to Las Vegas (several times), San Francisco, LA, and Florida for our kick off show on Home Shopping Network. We have met the greatest people. I like to say that that is truly the very best "perk" of this job. Meeting people I would have never had the opportunity to connect with before. hipS-sister has given me the opportunity and this is just the beginning. In just a few weeks I will have some announcements that I believe will strengthen this brand and get you all even more excited about what we offer. School is back in session and that means for this mom (me) I will have a bit more balance and will devote more time to my blog.
Book I am currently reading: OSHO on Buddhism
Favorite song currently: Going to California, Led Zepplin

One thought on “Don't forget to write.........”

  • Sara Nolet

    I can't really write about the book I'm reading right now... It might be the last of a trilogy involving a "Mr. Grey". lol. But, next book on my list, which I started a while back is "The Happiness Project" ;)

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