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Color trends for fall 2013

This summer’s vibrant neons and gorgeous pastels leave me wondering what’s next. What are we going to see for the fall? What colors will make up the “mood” of the season just about to poke it’s head. I’ve always been in Canada and thus, have always seen the seasons as very distinct, separate entities. For me, what I wear in fall, winter, spring and summer simply CANNOT be the same. It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment to incorporate my thoughts to areas like Palm Desert (where our distribution center is) and such, where winter does not equal boots, coats, mittens, hats and scarves. Here’s to yet, ANOTHER challenge :)

Winter “fashion” in Toronto Canada:


Winter “fashion” in Palm Desert:


Now, just to make it clear, we don’t all have the luxury of looking that good in Toronto in winter. For those who’ve never experienced it, it’s more like this:


Anyway, I digress.

We are talking about fall and fashion…. What is in store in terms of color?? Are you thinking neon is still going to be popular? I love how trends repeat themselves. I remember perfectly when neon was in fashion prior to this year. I was in high school. It came, and it went faster than the blink of an eye. If you were caught with it a month later than you should have been, as I was, it was over for you! As much as I am happy I am not living my teenage years with this generation of teenagers, I have to appreciate that they have a much broader sense of style. It would seem that they are more individualistic in how they express themselves style wise and that the “norm” isn’t so much a norm anymore. My step daughter would argue that I’m crazy there. Am I? What are your thoughts on that? Did I digress AGAIN… Yikes. This blog may end up being longer than anticipated.

I haven’t been to a mall in months, so I can’t tell you in all certainty what you are going to see should you venture to one today, but Pantone has made it’s predictions (and usually, they are pretty on par). The feeling is that greens will be the main focus of the season, from a deep lichen green, a mossy, nature-inspired hue – to the more yellow-based Linden green and of course, the “color of the year” emerald green.


YES, I would wear that!! Of course, I’d have to add a black left coast hipS-sister, otherwise, I’d have nowhere to put my phone, ID, cash and lip gloss J

Pantone also predicts: Acai purple, Mykonos blue, Samba red and Vivacious pink. Is it just me, or do those colors not make you feel like you should be mixing some delicious drinks!?

In the next blog, I’ll break down the upcoming color trends in 6 distinct palettes. Stay tuned.

Ooohhh… I love fall, if only it wasn’t bringing on winter!

Talk soon.

Your sister,


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