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BIG NEWS hipS-sister FEATURED in October Edition of O Magazine

10250213_679351525445957_7418973800403327251_nOh yes. We are incredibly excited to announce that Gayle King is wearing a hipS-sister in the October Edition of O Magazine, page 44 "The World According to Gayle, " in which she says, " I found the perfect accessory."  It was an honor to meet her last May, when we were in New York for the launch of the American Lung Associations #LUNGFORCE campaign , in which hipS-sister is a proud sponsor.
While on a tour of the CBS building during the morning hours I had a chance to meet Gayle King. She asked me about hipS-sister, the product, my story, then put one on. That is where the morning got exciting for me!!! She loved it. We left shortly after, then we received the amazing news. She loved our product so much that she was going to feature us in an upcoming edition of O Magazine.
And here we are!!
Since I created this design back in 2011,  I have had several companies copy it. Some even claim to be the original. People used to warn me about knock offs in other countries. Well, in my case, I have been betrayed by friends, and in one case a former distributor. BUT, the universe has a way of revealing the truth. I do not believe that true success happens when you do it unethically. You may make some money. But, that's not success, in my opinion. Success is about being honest. Success is about being successful, using your own creative forces, creating products of your own. Not, taking from another and claiming it to be yours. Or through betraying another.
There are other products out there in the market. And I welcome and celebrate the competition. If it is done honestly, with integrity, it is great for us all. People need choices.
The realities of business, the betrayals, the victories, the accomplishments, all contribute to our growth as a company and as human beings. So, it seems fitting that hipS-sister would receive the recognition as the Original of this design in Oprah's magazine. Oprah Winfrey for me has always symbolized TRUTH, WISDOM, and INTEGRITY. Through her actions, her spirit. And for that reason, I am honored that hipS-sister would receive the acknowledgement HERE, and that the world now knows the TRUTH. "The truth always reveals itself". My mother likes to say to me. Yes, Mom it does. And that is faith.

Thank you to all of our supporters, who we like to call our "Sisters". This adventure is so much sweeter with you all involved. It has been an amazing journey for us at hipS-sister so far and we look forward to what lies ahead. We have the right things going for us. So, we know we can do this. hipS-sister is alive and well, looking forward to creating even more options for you, giving you more reasons to love "living life hands free".

xoxo, Sonia

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