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An addition to our team with interesting things to share!


Please welcome our newest hipS-sister team member: Robin M. Gillespie!

Robin is our Social Media Coordinator and Fitness/Wellness/Nutrition writer for our blog. The timing couldn't be any better with the Holiday season right around the corner. She can help us stay active and healthy while we enjoy the festivities.

Robin’s first article is all about foam rolling!


The foam roller is used to perform self myofascial release (SFM) or self massage to help relieve muscle soreness and enhance flexibility. The roller can also be used during a dynamic warm-up before any activity for SFM, balance training and core exercises. Do the hip rolling first, then the rest of the exercises before a run or strength training routine. Do each exercise in circuit fashion (one after the other) for 60 to 90 seconds. Repeat 1 to 2 times.

HIP SFMHip rolling (SFM and stretch for hips)
a) Sit on top of roller, both feet on floor
b) Place right ankle on left thigh (or lower if uncomfortable) then shift weight towards right hip, right hand on floor.
c) Roll up and down the hip, pausing at any trigger (tender) spots for 30 to 60 seconds
d) Repeat on the other side


Bridge on foam roller (strengthens core, activates hamstrings and glutes) Bridge above
a) In supine position, place heels on roller hip width apart.
b) Engage core and glutes, exhale as you lift hips up.
c) Hold for 2 to 3 seconds, slowly return to starting position.
For more intensity, perform the bridge with one foot on the roller.
Quadriceps roll to plank (SFM for quadriceps and hip flexors, strengthens upper body and core)
Quad SFM to pushup
a) Begin in prone position on forearms, top of thighs on roller, feet off floor.
b) Engage core, move forward using upper body until roller is right above the knees.
c) Press up to pushup position leading with right arm and place balls of feet on floor. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds then come back down to roller and forearms.
d) Roll back to starting position. Repeat leading with the left arm.
To modify, place the feet on the floor and lift the thighs off the roller to a plank for five seconds. More advanced exercisers can add a push-up.

HIP Ext.Hip extension (strengthens core and glutes)
a) Kneel on roller, place hands on floor, hands underneath the chest. Feet are off the floor.
b) Extend right leg in back of you, foot flexed.
c) Contract the abs and glutes, lift the leg straight up in back of you.
d) Slowly lower the leg down without touching the floor. Complete 30 to 60 seconds on right leg before repeating with the left leg.

Walkout to pushupWalkout with push up on foam roller (dynamically stretches hamstrings, strengthens upper body and core)
a) Stand in back of roller, feet hip width apart. Hinge at hip, placing hands on roller shoulder width apart.
b) Engage core, roll roller forward until in push up position. You can adjust your feet if you need to.
c) Perform a push-up
d) Walk feet in towards roller.
e) Stand up, repeat.

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