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Am I Cursed?

Just another normal Monday!
I took my computer to my step-daughter's hockey practice since I am a little behind getting everything ready for our May 15th launch date for the new website (testing date that is). My boyfriend is home, but getting ready to take my step-son to lacrosse. Nonetheless, I was happy to find out that the arena I am in actually has Wifi. YAY. So, here I go, get everything set up. Next on the agenda, pick out some new product images, make sure they are consistent with the rest of the images on the site and re-size for web, tweak where needed, save, add to the proper styles etc. But WAIT, "BLOCKED PAGE". I can't access my dropbox account. It's considered file sharing and isn't aloud on their server. Total bummer! What to do now? OK, I got it, I'll set up everyone's login and password for our blog (which, on another note, I hope you all enjoy and can relate to and participate in once you've had a chance to check it out). I log in, look for the "Users" tab that I was trained to use Friday, but it's not there. Check out the online troubleshooting only to find out I don't have the proper admin role and can't access it. Hence, I decided to write a short blog post.
I guess the moral of the story is that we ALL have those days where things aren't working out and we feel like we are cursed. LOL. Hopefully the new website launches with few hitches and you all really like it. That said, it won't have been without its share of headaches and stressful moments.
As business owners, we often want to portray the good and the victories, and not so much the challenges. At hipS-sister, we try and let you in on a little bit of both. We want to connect with our sisters out there who are, like us, facing daily challenges and victories. We want to celebrate those victories with you and work through the challenges together. As we have said and continue to say "when women come together, respect each other and work towards a common goal, the things they can accomplish is endless".
On that note, I suppose I am getting a forced "break". Perhaps I should take it huh?!?

Cheers to all our sisters.

Much love.


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