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30 days of yoga with hipS-sister - DAY 24

DAY 24. Read to the end for your challenge/question of the day.

A big THANK YOU to Katia who has blessed us with a 3rd guest blog post. We are so happy you love your hipS-sister and use it in your practice.

Ardha Chandrasana (Halfmoon Pose)
Guest blog by Katia Grodecki, yoga teacher and creative director, Dharma Wanderlust

Ardha Chandrasana is a fun but challenging balance pose that allows helps to tone the lower body and open the heart. It helps to use a block to lift the floor a bit closer to you, especially if your hamstrings are feeling a bit tight. Practising the pose against a wall can also allow you to feel great freedom as you expand and open the heart. Smile, and maybe even giggle if you wobble in the pose. Remember to have fun!

1. Start in Tadasana, mountain pose. Inhale and step the right foot back into Warrior II pose. Exhale; open the arms out to the sides, softening the shoulders. Take a full breath here.

half moon12. Inhale and with your left hand on the block and your right hand on the right hip, start the shift your weight into your left foot, bringing the left hand to a block a few inches in front of your left foot. Exhale, flex the right foot and allow your glutes and obliques to do the work as you lift the right leg higher toward the ceiling. Inhale and extend the right arm up toward the ceiling, spinning the chest up and opening the heart.

half moon33. Stay here and take full breaths, keeping your gaze on the floor, a few inches in front of your block. Continue to lift the leg higher and externally rotating the left hip at the same time as internally rotating the right leg.

half moon24. To challenge your balance, feel free to lift your gaze toward the ceiling.

5. Stay here for 5-8 breaths. Keep your focus strong and stay present.

6. To come out, inhale to prepare. As you exhale, slowly and with control turn both hips to the front of your mat, release the arms down and take a few breaths in Uttanasana, standing forward fold. Repeat on the other side.

Feel free to try this pose by pressing your upper back, top arm and lifted foot into a wall behind you. This variation allows us to expand into the pose without worrying above falling over. If your hamstrings are feeling happy and you wish to try the full pose without a block, feel free to tent out the fingers of your supporting hand and press them down into the floor, a few inches in front of the standing foot.

Remember to smile and breathe.


Day 24 challenge:
This poses is likely to challenge your balance. Trying it with the wall to help hold you is a huge help. Watch the video for step by step tutorial. To date, of the postures we’ve explored together. Which one is your favorite and why. Share with us in the comment box below.
All participants’ names will be entered in our 30 days of yoga with hipS-sister draw Oct. 1st.

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