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30 days of yoga with hipS-sister - DAY 11

DAY 11. (read to the end for your challenge today)

The postures….

The practice of yoga postures (asana) brings balance, equilibrium and good health to the body. It is a gentle but powerful way of working out not just muscles, tendons and joints, but internal organs too. The postures we will be looking at over the next 10 – 15 days improve digestion, elimination and breathing, and they tone, detoxify and strengthen the body’s systems.

You may already be familiar with the postures we will be looking at from attending yoga classes. They will help you to get into a routine of self-practice sessions. As you practice the postures, your body will yield and resist in different ways. The postures may feel different every day – sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. Don’t worry; this is yoga at work and a way of tuning in to or connecting with your inner self.

TADASANA (Mountain Pose)
Mountain pose promotes calm, stillness and an awareness of your “centre”. It embodies a key aspect of asana practice in that it teaches you to stand firm without mental or physical wavering. The pose forms the starting point for other poses, and it grounds the mind and body in preparation for more complex poses.

First variation:
Stand with your feet parallel and slightly apart. Spread the soles evenly and let them feel rooted into the earth. Softly, lift the entire front of your body and let the back of your body release toward the floor. Extend your fingers gently downward. Keep your head level and your gaze steady. Stand tall. Stay here for 4 – 8 breaths.
*Let yourself feel connected to the earth – the solid, physical reality of being. Don’t rush through this posture.


Second variation:
Stand with your feet together, pressing your big toe joints firmly into the ground. Lift your inner ankles, kneecaps and thighs. Find your centre of balance and bring your hands together in the middle of your chest. Release any tension from your neck and shoulders and, when you feel balanced, gently close your eyes. Stay here for a few breaths.

Day 11 challenge:
Time for you to begin your practice. Try one or both variations. Take the time to breathe through the postures. How does it feel? Share in the comment box below.
All participants’ names will be entered in our 30 days of yoga with hipS-sister draw Oct. 1st.


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