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2013 - What's in Store at

Good Morning, We at are so thrilled to get started on our blog. A wonderful group of inspiring women have come together to build this brand. hipssister is not just a brand, it is a way of life for us. The name itself represents our power, hips (representing the part of our bodies which holds our creations) and sister (our bond with eachother). Those two words combined represent WHO WE ARE. WE are a group of women committed to encouraging, supporting, loving, empathizing with, other women everywhere. Through our own personal stories, ideas, commitments, insights, (in some cases) pain and loss, triumphs, etc. We hope that you find that feels like a neighborhood of sisters (if you will), or a sisterhood (as we like to call it). Our blog will begin to take shape with lots of good travel reviews (places off of the beaten path, which focus on RETREATING~RECHARGING~RENEWAL, along with tips on how to wear your hipS-sisters with style (20 days/20 looks) and (One hipS-sister, TEN looks) and so on. Health product diaries and reviews and heart-warming stories we would like to share, based upon our lives as friends, mothers, daughters, SISTERS. We hope you visit us again and again. WE would love to hear from you as well. So, please comment any time you feel inspired to do so.

~Sonia Kanner , CEO Sister

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